WaterNext Solutions, who we are

WaterNext was founded by a group of friends, all expert in water treatment, with a vision to transfer the great technological heritage of Europe to developing countries. Through local partnerships and the application of advanced technologies, WaterNext creates reliable solutions with a high cost-benefit ratio. The firm offers full service and assistance to customers, from plant building through sales. The team has designed and built over 3000+ plants in more than 80 countries, and has over 100 years of combined experience. Innovative technical solutions and local structures dedicated to sales, manufacture, service and support throughout the world make WaterNext the fastest growing company in the field of water, wastewater and recovery.

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Worldwide Presence

The peculiarities of Waternext is to combine the advanced European technology and the experience of its team with the production and the service made through the companies in the area that can ensure reasonable prices, use of local labor and service within 24 hr