MBR Biological Plant

MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) TECHNOLOGY

In our offerings of MBR technology, we mainly use hollow fiber membranes (submerged MBR), which are better suited for industrial applications of water recovery and allow for a better performance. As the terminology suggests, the Membrane Bio Reactor is the combination of the biological reactor with the membranes thereby guaranteeing the complete removal of suspended solids after the treatment, a further reduction of BOD, COD and color as compared with the traditional treatment with clarifier and other filtration processes. In the MBR system all other filtration processes are eliminated such as clarifier, micro filtration and external ultra filtration. The overall footprint of the plant is reduced with less mechanical equipment and civil works.

Advantages of MBR:

  • Solids (suspended) free discharge
  • Better performance of the plant and easy to handle during troubleshooting of the biology
  • No solids carry over
  • Easy operation
  • Smooth operation of the RO (incase Reverse Osmosis plant is downstream)
  • Long life of membranes

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