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Founded by a team of specialists in the field of waste water management – drinking and industrial waste water treatment. We are the Professionals, with a vision to spread the niche technology in developing countries and become leading global partners for industrial and humanitarian applications.

Forging local partnerships, developing and creating local jobs, know-how, providing affordable price and efficient service have been the hallmark of Waternext. Our internationally experienced and highly responsive team provides highly reliable solutions. Our global staff, comprising of engineers, technicians and professionals with expertise in sales and service, are devoted to achieving the economic and operational goals of our clients.

The core team, bringing in over 100 years of combined experience at the helm has proudly worked together for over 25+ years in various sectors (textile, drinking water, steel) and efficiently treating a variety of other complex waste effluents thereby gaining the rich expertise and global hands-on experience of having designed and built over 3000+ plants in 30 countries.

WaterNext’s long term aim is to put the highest-level of world class technology at the service of the environmental challenges for a sustainable future for our next generations.


Massimiliano Previdi

CEO - Water Next Italy

25+ years experience in the water treatment field and great design ability in finding the best solution and technological process.

Expert in textile, steel, food and mining sectors. Has developed and patented various technologies such as: high efficiency biological treatment including Anaerobic and Aerobic system, Membrane Bio Reactor plants, Zero Liquid Discharge plants, specific treatment from mining waste water like treatment of acid drainages and cyanide problem, in textile area: polyvinyl alcohol separation, soda recovery and separation, benzyl alcohol separation, CO2 recovery from smoke gas and reuse in pH control in waste water treatment plant. Has obtained green certificate from different countries.

His experience boast the design and successful execution of more than 500 plants in his career.

Pranay Behl

CEO – Water Next India

An Indian entrepreneur with 20+ Years experience in the water treatment sector and has acquired expertise in the fields of textiles, leather, food, steel and civil wastewater management. He has been closely involved in developing sustainable solutions including Zero Liquid Discharge Plants, membrane bio reactor, Recovery of Salts and special effluent systems for the industry besides spearheading the aggressive development of the market in Asia in executing water and wastewater treatment plants and creating world class sustainable references globally.

Nicolo Uslenghi

General Director.- Water Next México

10 years specialized in sales, 7 years of experience in technical consulting focused on wastewater treatment and environmental solutions and more than 8 years of extensive experience on management, administration and project landing.

Mostly specialized and focus in industrial applications, manages whole projects in textiles, automotive, government and agri-food sectors; thanks to the local technical team established in the area supported from the process team of Water Next Italy.

Massimiliano Bonamini

CFO - Water Next Italy

MBA and financial and strategic advisor with over twenty years of experience in: structured finance transactions, corporate restructuring, strategic planning, M&A, company valuations, and IBR.

He holds positions on the Boards of Directors and as Chief Restructuring Officer. Previous international work experience in Private Equity Funds and Multinationals (Netherlands), Business Angels (Australia), Member of the European Board of IAPA International and President of the IAPA Corporate Finance Group, President of the Scientific Committee of RIA Grand Thornton.

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