The process of our biological section involves the presence of suspension bacteria, activated sludge (friendly bacteria, protozoa, amoebae, rotifers and other micro-organisms), usually in the form of flakes.

These bacteria form the basis of biological oxidation with activated sludge.  The role of this biomass in the purification process is to use the biodegradable organic substances present in the wastewater for their nourishment and reproduction and to degrade the contaminants in smaller compounds and rendering them less dangerous.

Essential for these reactions is the presence of oxygen in the biological tank that allows the bacteria to breathe, grow and reproduce themselves.

The advantage of 100% biological treatment over the other traditional technologies are :

  • Less operational costs (approx. 0,10 /m3), due to the very reduced use of chemicals or NO chemicals
  • Ease in maintenance of the plant
  • Very low production of sludge that too NON Toxic
  • High removal of COD, BOD, TSS etc
  • Irrigation worthy outlet water for discharge

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